7 Gains

  • +20 clients assisted per year
  • 100% optimized 20-30% of their real estate
  • + 10 million of savings realized annually

7 Gains

Get prepared well before the upcoming break option and use your leverage to it’s full potential!
Make your Real Estate part of your sustainable business ambitions!
Organize your work environment and increase your staff happiness!
Tackle the high indexation and optimize your lease costs
Get your leased office area in line with your current telework policy
Rethink your HQ and office hub locations and gain in commuting time
Best time to evaluate your Real estate is when everything is going well

Our Tenant Representation Skills


  • Lease audit & opportunities
  • Rent & occupancy cost audit
  • Location & real estate footprint
  • Floor space occupancy
  • Market trends
  • Relocation impact (carbon footprint)

Real estate strategy

  • Needs analysis
  • Office relocation
  • Stay or leave?
  • Renting vs purchasing?
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Hybrid workplace & space optimization
  • Space surplus strategy
  • Site / building valorization


  • OPEX reduction (rent & charges)
  • CAPEX optimization
  • New lease acquisition
  • Current lease amendment
  • Optimize dilapidation costs
  • Transaction assistance

Our Approach

1. Set up & vision
  • Create & share a common vision
  • Align project objectives and main drivers
  • Project strategic framework
  • Prepare communication
2. Program of needs
  • "Ways of Work” workplace principles
  • Quantified program of needs
  • Other requirements and specifics
3. Market screening
  • Longlist – Analysis - shortlist
  • Buildings tour (visit)
  • Business case
  • Negotiation strategy
4. Negotiation
  • Best deal conditions
  • Secured offer with L.O.I
5. Legal securing
  • Current lease contract amendment signed (stay)
  • New lease contract signed (leave)

Your Benefits: 
Better Workplace, Better Results


Long term adapted strategy.
Sustainability & ESG.
Flexible Real estate.


Higher satisfaction among staff.
Loyalty & commitment.
More attractivity.


Adapted workplace ecosystem.
Reduced employee turnover.
Reduced absenteeism.


Reduced OPEX.
Optimized CAPEX.
Avoid hidden lease costs.


What is a Tenant Representation?

A tenant representative is a commercial real estate expert who works exclusively for the tenant / occupier. Contrary to standard real estate brokers who represent both landlords and tenants, and thus have an inherent conflict of interest. It is important for tenants to use their own adviser who will work exclusively for them, thus ensuring the best possible deal with terms fitting their requirements at the lowest rate.

Are We Really Independent?

Yes. We do not own or commercialize any building portfolio's and never work for real estate suppliers. This allows us to objectively advise you in your real estate strategy and building selection. Therefore, we are not conflicted at all in advising you nor in negotiation activities.

Is Tenant Representation Only About Negotiating Lease Costs?

No. Tenant representation is much larger than negotiating lease costs. It all starts with an in-depth needs analysis and a clear definition of an appropriate real estate strategy, taking into account ways of working, mobility, ESG, technical features, etc. Negotiating lease costs from an independent and conflict-free position is just a final step in the process of generating maximum savings.

Is It Possible To Negotiate Other Items Than The Rent Face Value?

Yes, you may also consider other items during negotiation such as free rent months, capital expenditure, flexibility (capacity to grow or shrink), etc.

When Is The Best Time To Start With A Tenant Representation assignment?

Ideal timing is comprised between 24 and 15 months before a lease end or a lease break. Nevertheless, depending certain specific contexts, you may have the possibility to request some changes in your lease situation at any moment of your contract.

How Long Does A Tenant Representation assignment Take?

A client’s internal decision-making process has a huge impact on the duration of a mission. It usually takes between 3 and 9 months to finalize it and to achieve significant results.

What Do Our Services cost?

The cost of our audit and consulting assignments is based on a fixed fee, which factors in your context, objectives, and expected deliverables. On the other hand, a tenant representation mission is based on a "no cure no pay" principle with a success fee calculated on the cost savings achieved for our clients.

How Do We Treat Confidentiality?

We are used to handle very sensitive information regarding our clients’ future real estate strategy including business, legal, HR, and financial data. This information is key to better understand our clients, their needs, and objectives to reach the largest success during the negotiation stage. Sensitive information is usually secured via NDA's.

Which Countries Do We Cover?

Belgium and Luxemburg. Quantum also works with preferred and trusted partners in France, The Netherlands, and Germany.