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Transaction Management
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Real Estate Audit & Strategy
Needs & Requirements
Occupancy Costs
Contracting Executing Consulting

We develop and execute dedicated comprehensive strategies to contribute to your top corporate priorities. Whether it concerns location strategy, the attraction of new talent, the realignment & optimization of your infrastructure (bricks & workplace) or a real estate cost reduction, quantum team of experts will provide you with best in class solutions along with minimal risk and disruption to your business.

  • Corporate real estate footprint audit
  • Relocation strategy 
  • Portfolio solutions (optimization & arbitrage)
  • Site / building valorisation
  • Space surplus strategy
  • Market analysis & building repositioning
  • Lease management & opportunities
  • Financial structuring

Never forget who you are. Neither who you want to be. What you will do and how you want to do it… Few simple questions you may ask in order to find the right path leading to meaningful solutions. Talking about company culture, identity and business goals will allow you to define the adapted & dynamic work environment providing your staff with the top office experience they deserve. Find out how you will be able with the help of quantum experts to set up a full program of needs including space, technical and strategic requirements, based on maximum comfort of occupation and sufficient reallocation possibilities.

  • Strategic objectives and visioning
  • Hybrid workplace strategy
  • Office space optimization & quantification
  • Office space spatial & technical audit

Real estate total cost is not only defined by the rent but even more by additional cost such as building service charges and taxes, representing up to 30%. Are you paying the right price for your building, the location and the services provided? How efficient is the ratio of your net useable floor area and your leased gross area. quantum senior negotiators will analyse in depth your occupancy cost, set up for you the best adapted negotiation strategy based on sufficient market intelligence in order to deliver you unexpected savings.

  • Rental conditions analysis & comparison
  • Serviced charges audit
  • Project total cost appraisal
  • Negotiation & incentive strategy

Are your offices still the right size? Is your company still on the right location? Is your current rent still market practice? We help you to answer these questions by analyzing if you should better stay or move towards a new building. During this whole process, we defend 100% the interests of tenants. We start with an in-depth analysis of your needs (way of working, mobility, surface, location, technical requirements,…) and your current lease contract (a.o. check the financials, the break possibilities and your end of lease obligations,…).

Based on your needs, we will guide you through the search and selection process of alternative solutions versus your current location.

Once the decision is taken (stay or leave) we optimize and secure your costs by (re)negotiating the best financials deal and conditions of your lease contract. 

  • Lease audit ​
  • Indepth needs analysis
  • Stay of leave
  • Site search & relocation ​
  • Negotiation & cost optimization​
  • Exit strategy ​& reinstatement

Selling or buying corporate real estate is not as straightforward as selling your house. The actors are all professionals with access to the market knowledge. Agents often have multiple agenda’s which are not always aligned with your best interests. Quantum can provide you an easy access to this expertise and create value by doing so. With every transaction, we analyze the project in detail, identifying the pros & cons, possible risks and benchmark them. As every project is different and thus needs specialized knowledge, we can advise you on which team to bring to the table, streamline the entire process, assist during negotiation and reguraly report to you.

  • Compiling data room
  • Data room screening
  • Transaction strategy
  • Deal structure
  • Offers analysis​ / benchmarking
  • Negotiation / Letter of intent / Head of terms​
  • Administrative / contractual follow up

Every transformation or construction project has its own challenges. Budget, timing, knowledge and resources are key to deliver a successful project. With quantum we can take this burden of your shoulders and take care of this process from start to delivery. 

We structure the tender stage, draft the contracts, coordinate the execution works and monitor budget and timing. As independent project managers, we can get you the best quality for the right price. 

  • Tender stage
  • Contracts
  • Exucution coordination
  • Reporting on budget & timing
  • Assistance at delivery

There is lot more to project development then solely composing the right team and starting off. With more than 15 years of experience in project development, we can assist you in every aspect of development and avoid the pitfalls.

We create value by identifying the right development strategy which is more than rather location-location-location. At quantum we offer a horizontal approach and keep a close eye on the administrative, financial, legal, commercial and technical point. By doing so we anticipate the next stages and can pivot easily to alternatives.

  • Feasibility & strategy
  • Building permits & legal
  • Financial plans
  • Marketing & commercialisation
  • Construction
  • Exit / sales

With our team of architects we analyse your current and future needs in real estate. Based on this analysis we define together a strategy and concept for your future project. Once this strategy is challenged and optimized by the Steerco, we translate this theoretical model into a space plan which finally leads to an architectural design. This design brings together the needs, the proposed technical solutions, the look & feel as well as a final budget and timing.

In order to guarantee a fixed budget and timing to the client, the project is delivered by our teams and contractors as a turnkey project, ready to move in.

During the entire process you will remain involved, but without the day-to-day hassle that comes along with a construction project.

  • Needs analysis
  • WPC / RE strategy
  • Macro plans and space planning
  • Design
  • Execution of the works