Environmental - Social - Governance, From The Occupier Point Of View

  • Is my current office aligned with my ESG policy ?
  • How a relocation would positively impact your ESG score ?
  • How to downsize your real estate footprint ?
  • What should I change in my real estate / workplace to reach my ESG objectives ?

Most relevant ESG Topics

1. District lively & vibrant
2. Proximity to public transportation & CO2 reduction
3. Building certified, energy efficiency
4. Indoor air quality & ventilation
5. Social responsability & local initiatives
6. Flexible leased space to accomodate uncertainty

CO2 Mobility Audit

  • How would changing my office work policy or office location improve my CO2 emissions, my commuting time, and my total fleet kilometers ?

ESG Performance Scoring

  • What are the most important criteria to consider for improving my ESG strategy ?
  • As an office occupier, find out what your ESG score is. 
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